Feminine Leadership

Many couples discover that women’s intuition makes for insightful leadership in their relationships. Women seem to be hard-wired to instinctively recognize what the family needs. Who needs what is an important assessment for domestic bliss. Whether you have children or not, someone will have to reconcile finances, delegate chores, define leisure activities, finesse intimacy, and navigate your general life direction. Very often men like to delegate these exact tasks. Women are often geared to running the household, which will include everyone’s overall well-being, health, and happiness.

Are you ready to step into a more leadership role in your relationship? Do you favor feminine leadership? Need help deciding? Having a hard time trusting your partner with such decisions? There are many facets to building a happy life together. Teresa’s program simplifies what needs to be identified and delegated. She helps you effect positive changes so you can get back to having fun again! Life is meant to be lived fully and that makes logistics very important. Take the time to sort out who wants what and then learn to delegate the domestic check list.

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